Monday, 10 January 2011

Lighting - i have no idea what im doing...

Never done lighting before! so i stuck an ambient light in there and...

Deary me, thats shocking. Time for some tutorials!

Aftr having a look around for some methods on soft lighting, i couldnt find anything that applied to me and how my intentions where for lighting my scene. I want it to look realistic, with a cartoon edge and obviously as he is made of clay. Time to get serious!

I started to play around with Global Illumination and redner settings to create the lights i wanted. I started off by adding a point light and playing with some settings there. I ended up having a few lights for different objectives. First i had one above him to light him, then i had one for shadows, one for lighting a specific side of him, another for a second shadow, a spot light for the wall lighting and another to just be safe!

On the shadow light, i was playing around with the global illumination and render settings so i could get my scene looking exactly how i wanted it.

Here are some renders of how it was looking as i was experimenting with the intensity, radius and merge distance...

Okay so i gotta start somewhere right?

I can defiantly see I'm getting close now, and its looking quite nice and exactly how i wanted it.

Okay now its almost done, i just need to sort out the soft shadows because I'm not happy with how harsh they are at the moment.



I am pretty happy with this now, lighting wasn't so bad, but it defiantly upped by render time to a few minutes. Time to stick a camera in and then get my pose all rendered nicely and then turntable time.

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