Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Turntable Test

So this is just a really quick turntable test of my pose. Nothing final, just seeing what it looks like!

Stone Gorilla?

Well I did something wrong...


So after completion of modeling my Gorilla, I then had to pose him. Going back to when i was researching poses for butlers and waitors, i came across many poses with hands behind their back and holding a tray. This is a traditional pose for a butler. I want this to be my main pose, so i exported my model from maya as an OBJ file and imported him into Zbrush. I used Zbrush to pose because it was easier and quicker for me as we had to have our models printed before the Christmas break so they were ready for the deadline in January. Here is a screen shot of the pose in Zbrush - took me an hour or so because you have to re-sculpt the model as you go along moving each joint etc.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Pretty much done with modelling now...

Pictures of how it's looking for all angles...

Ambient Occlusion:
Font view:
Side view:
Back view:
Side view:

I did a 'Bib'/waistecoat for his butler role! i also modeled a bow tie too. I may add in a tray for the final renders but i don't think i'll put it in the printed model because its quite small detail and it wont print right.

Over all, i am happy with how my character has turned out and He is looking pretty like my final drawings from my designs. I kept the edge flow nice and clean which makes it easier to UV and texture and helps with the printing too!

Friday, 10 December 2010

Shaping the head...Feet?!

I want to change the shape of the head because its looking a bit thin at the back, I've taken it into Photoshop to draw over it to how I want it to be. Now I can see where I will pull it out and shape it off more

I was looking into not doing feet to 'fit in' with the clay look, but as i had some time, i thought i'd give it another go and i am actually really happy with how they turned out!

Going in More detail

Started to change some things, alos adding more detail such as eye lids, making the nose bigger and thicker etc...

Wednesday, 8 December 2010




Haven't posted anything on here for a week or 2 now so just giving an update of where I'm at! Just putting more detail into my model now. Here's some screen shots of it at its current stage. I've also started looking at UV mapping and has a go at some stuff for it. I'll post that up tomorrow.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Feet or no feet?

I was thinking the other night, do I need to give my character feet? This came into my head because I was watching the childrens program 'Pocoyo'. Yeah, i know, I'm a big kid...

There is an elephant in it, called Elly, and it has no hands or feet. I want to keep the hands because as the gorilla is very civilised, hands would be kind of helpful for this, and mine is a butler so he definatly needs hands, well it would be more practical for him to have them anyway. But the feet aren't so important to my design. I want to keep it simple too. Heres a few images of Elly to see how the legs look with no feet on the end of them...

Couple of changes to my character...

So I was thinking about how the mesh looks and I wanted to clean it up in places. I've also changed the arms because they just weren't looking right. I tweaked the body and chest too, so it dips in and up, and I've changed the legs a tad too. The eye brows are more like my concept drawings now too.


Here is how the feet are coming along...

Friday, 12 November 2010


Staring on the hand now, just trying to get the basic shape. I think I'm going to do more of mittens than hands, as doing individual fingers will increase the poly count because i am limited to 100,000 and i wanted to save most of the poly count for putting detail into the face in Zbrush. Here are a few images to show what hands i want to produce.

These images of the famous Tony Hart character, Morph, are perfect for how I want to model my hands. Not only will these keep the poly count down, they are easier to do because I'm not an experienced modeler and also Morph and Chaz are made from plasticine, which is the affect we have to create for our characters.

I'll keep all the fingers as one, and do a separate thumb so there is at least some definition for the hands, but i want to keep it simple, to go with my overall style for my character.

This is where I'm at, at the moment in Maya as far as the hands are concerned.

Upper part of Cornelius done!

Now I've got the head and body mirrored and stitched together, ready for Zbrush! I'm currently working on the hands and then I'll move onto the legs and feet which shouldn't take me too long to model. But here it is so far.

Getting there with the head!

I've now got a basic head shape ready for mirroring and stitching together.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

London Zoo!

Today i went to London Zoo to grab some photos and more information about Gorillas. They have just had a baby Gorilla born, but unfortunately because it is only 2 weeks old, I couldn't get any good photos of it because his mother was holding it and feeding it!

My Ticket!

Map of the park

I took loads of photos of their faces, hands, heads and feet to try and get a closer look at how to model my Gorilla. Here's a few of my photos...

There were some models of them too, so I took photos of them from the sides and front, which will help me in Maya for modeling the head...