Friday, 29 October 2010

Photographic Reference

These are a few of the photographs I've got together from the internet while researching Gorillas. I've found photographs from a variety of angles and some close up ones of their hands/feet and face too.

Which character to do?

As I read the character synopsis' I had so many ideas for each one, particularly the Zoo Keeper and the Gorilla. As I'm quite new to modeling, I thought it would be more reasonable to choose the Gorilla as modeling a human form to a deadline could get a bit messy seeing as I haven't done it in that greater detail before. I like the idea of a gorilla because they are pretty cool looking, and they are pretty customisable to!

First things first

So when I got the brief, I was immediately drawn towards the 3D animation project as animating is the profession I want to go into. Looking at it in more detail, I wasn't too keen on it because I was hoping it would be character based as I want to focus on character animation. The third project 'Character design' seems much more appealing to me because even though I wont be animating a character, I will be creating it from scratch and modeling it, something I haven't yet had much time to grasp. I want to use this as a learning curve and for me to have a better understanding of the other aspects which all fit into the main title 'Animation'.