Saturday, 6 November 2010

So in the morning...

Next day after being thrown around on the south eastern line from lewisham to hayes, i was doing some more drawings and i came up with the idea of giving my gorilla really long arms, like stupidly long, and a rounded off body with small legs. These idea have come from various scources...

The length of the arms was just because I thought that would be good for the style, but the elbow shapes (as you can see in the previous post below, although it looks like a human arm and hand) came from the Disney version of tarzan which is one of my favourite animated feature films. I like the exaggerated big deltoids (shoulders), thinner biceps and triceps (upper arm, back and front), bigger branchioradialis (elbow and forearms). These are some screen shots i took from the film.

Next, for the legs and body. As we have to make our characters look as if they have been sculpted from clay, as the brief says, i thought about films that have been made this way. Obviously Wallace and Gromit is the main one which everyone knows, but they was actually sculpted out of plastacine. I could texture my model with thum prints, to give the impression it has been pushed and pulled around by human hands.

So the legs and body came from the animaton that was shown on christmas day last year, The Gruffalo. It was made using 3D software but with a clay-like texture to the models. This is perfect! This is a screen shot I took from 'the making of'... This is what i want my gorillas legs to be like!

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