Saturday, 6 November 2010

Curve Networks

I was told about curve networks for a friend, and decided to research into this as it's an alternative way to model. I wanted to see if it would be easier for me as I am on a time limit for this term. I found various tutorials online, but this was the most helpful and in depth one I could find:

Its basically drawing round a reference image from the front and side view in Maya and then inserting polygons to the curves you make when you draw around the images. Most examples of this were done with cars and buildings and objects, not organic material. I thought it would get too confusing to do this way, because you do each section independently, so the arms, head, body, legs, hands, feet etc.

I think I'll just stick to normal polygon modeling with extruding and all that jazz, as this is the safest way for me as I'm a beginner still!

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